There are no transfer or resale fees.

Each owner of a lot in the Subdivision, covenants and agrees, and by acceptance of a deed or contract for sale to such lot is deemed to covenant and agree, to pay the Association an annual maintenance charge (AMC). The annual maintenance charge is currently $205.

In addition to the annual maintenance charge, inclusive shall be subject to a Special Annual Maintenance Charge (SAMC) for the purpose of operating, maintaining and repairing the private roadway, private entrance, privacy gate, and fencing and landscaping associated with the private entrance and roadway. The special annual maintenance charge is currently $410 and may be adjusted as required by agreement of the owners of Lots 11 through 22.

The amount of the maintenance fees shall be determined at least thirty (30) days prior to January 1st and written notice of such assessment shall be sent immediately to each member of the Association. If not paid by February 1st, the AMC shall be deemed delinquent and shall be subject to a late charge to be determined by the Board. AMC's and SAMC's are to be paid in advance.